You are already a GENIUS…..Let me help you ‘PURSUE YOUR OWN GENIUS’ and create the life you DESERVE!
- Duane Keast

More about Duane Keast….

Duane Keast has been adding fun and humor to the workplace for years, even though he started out as an accountant. With his mixture of wit and impressions, he can make any dry, boring or mundane business environment both light and fun.

Duane has made hundreds of people laugh formally on stage and informally in the workplace. Being able to perform spot-on impressions of 304 people, he combines this with his carefully crafted comedy to help others succeed!

Duane is known as adding “Funny Business in the Workplace!”

Duane is currently speaking and performing comedy nationally and internationally.

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Most Requested Speaking Topics

More About the Speaking Topics

Comedian Duane Keast can help inform through his “edutainment” – helping people smile and laugh while they learn powerful concepts!

Pursue Your Own Genius
Everyone does not have a Genius IQ. But we all have our own unique genius – a PASSION that will enable us to be outstanding and exceptional in some field! This fun and entertaining presentation is about exploring this fact and how we can all find then intelligently pursue our own genius!
USA Presidents on Leadership

Some of the most vivid examples of real life Leadership come from the USA Presidents from the past 60 years…From John F. Kennedy to Donald Trump, this unique presentation discusses both the pro’s and con’s of the leadership styles from the presidents during this time period, in an entertaining and funny way. Duane does impressions of each of them in their own voice, then commenting on their style in his voice. You won’t want to miss this!

Team Building Made Fun!!!

Most of us know that teams are essential to success in organizations. “No man is an island” as John Donne said. And that of course goes for women too. In this fun and entertaining presentation, comedian Duane Keast lets you know how your organization can build your teams in a fun way that will help your people to want to, more than ever before, engage in teamwork to help attain organizational goals!

Authentic leadership {Take off your mask!}

All of us “wear masks” to one degree or another in our corporate role. Sometimes this is necessary. But all of us would benefit from removing some of these “masks”. In this entertaining and funny presentation, comedian Duane Keast tells all of us how to be more authentic in our day to day roles as leaders, to help others want to follow us!

Laugh Your Way Through the Recession

The USA is going through an economic downturn. In order to survive and thrive in these times, we need to do what other companies and individuals have done to “weather the storm”. In this entertaining and exciting presentation, comedian Duane Keast gives you insights from the survivors and thrivers in a funny way that will be memorable and impactful !

Duane Keast is brilliant at adding humor to presentations. Check him out!
- Debbie Allen
International Speaker, Best Selling Author
I’m a huge fan of Duane Keast. He can enliven a business presentation with ease.
- Lauri Flaquer
Author, Business Consultant
Duane Keast can speak with impact and humor in front of groups of a variety of different backgrounds. I highly endorse him!
- Julie Space Roehn
Fitness Coach, Author